Sorry guys

I know it’s been a little while now, its not intentional, the fella got a cold at the beginning of the week so I was writing when not making sure he’s ok and… Continue reading

Heir Vote – Winner Announced – Whisper!!

So you’ve met Reece now and I’d like to see who the heir may be so I can tailor the first gen to blend with the second completely. I tested Reece and Tally… Continue reading

3. Reece

Day 212 Day 5 of walking up the mountain.  I can see more sky than mountain now and believe I’m finally near the top.  I discarded my shoes last night, they were no… Continue reading

2. Aim for the Stars

I just sat and stared as the darkness set in.  I knew the horses and Summer if she was nearby could hear my thoughts and knew what I had read and I thanked… Continue reading

1. All Alone

Dear Diary, It’s been twelve winters since everyone in the village but me and the horses left.  We have two new additions to the village.  Pepper has given birth to a son we… Continue reading


Dear Diary, I woke up this morning and it was the same as any other, or so I thought. I sat down and had jam on toast in my new kitchen.  I can’t… Continue reading